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If you want to display images in articles, you can use Phoca Gallery Plugin (and Phoca Gallery Button plugin - for easier adding of images into articles). Images can be displayed as slideshow in articles with help of Phoca Gallery Slideshow plugin or they can be displayed on module positions in Joomla! (with help of Phoca Gallery Image module) Phoca Changing Collation Tool. Phoca Server Unzip Tool. Free Scripts. Phoca Captcha Class. Phoca Install . Phoca Install Component. Phoca Templates. Joomla! 1.5 Templates. Joomla! 2.5 (1.7) Templates. Joomla! 3 Templates. Free Icons And Files. Phoca Gallery Slideshow Buttons. Phoca Icons. Phoca CSS Flags. External Phoca Extensions. Phoca Gallery External Extensions. Phoca Template. Phoca.     Phoca Gallery is running on different Joomla! versions. So it is possible that you will not find all listed parameters in your Phoca Gallery - depends on used Joomla! system.   Options Go to Components - Phoca Gallery - Control Panel - click on icon Options Options can be managed only by Super Users or you need to have rights to manage them in Joomla   In Phoca Gallery, there were changed permissions of folders since version 2.5.2. As many hacking robots use folders with 777 rights to write malignant code there , the permissions of folders were set to 755.   During installation, Phoca Gallery creates images/phocagallery folder with permissions set to 755. This can be changed in file or ftp manager

Choose Phoca Gallery » Phoca Gallery Category List Layout. Give this the title Photos and click [Save] You are finished now. You have one new Menu Item (Photos) with a list of all your categories. The last thing to do is to send the link to Grandma so she can share your happy times. Changing appearance There is an easy way how to create a theme for Phoca Gallery, using an existing theme. This guide describes creating Phoca Gallery theme which will work in Phoca Gallery 2.5 or any later version. Download a theme from Phoca Gallery Theme download site. For example: Phoca Gallery CSS3 theme. Unzip the file and copy all included files into folder on your PC called e.g. theme Phoca Gallery is a Joomla! component. It is complex image gallery with slideshow. Modern and responsive gallery with 15 different detail methods There are a lot of options. O - old site N - new site a) copy via FTP from O to your PC all image files with thumbnails and export your database from O, then copy your all images with thumbnails to your server N and import the database b) copy only original images from O then copy then to N, install new Phoca Gallery and let Phoca Gallery  create thumbnails from these files c) Jan prefers. Can anyone tell me how to remove the Powered by Phoca Gallery part in Phoca Gallery 3.2.4? I have already searched via Google and here but only can find the solution for previous versions. Thanks in advance! Top. liiramedia Joomla! Fledgling Posts: 1 Joined: Sat Jun 08, 2013 3:41 pm. Re: Remove Powered by Phoca Gallery. Post by liiramedia » Sat Jun 08, 2013 3:44 pm We found these two places.

Phoca Download is a Joomla extension that manages file downloads and uploads on a Joomla website. This tutorial shows how to change the maximum file upload size allowed in Phoca Download On all Phoca Gallery pages in Joomla 2.5 is a link that reads, Powered By Phoca Gallery. When using free and open source software, it's general courtesy to link back to the people who have built the software you're using. There may be times however that you want to remove those links added by the developers. In this tutorial, we'll walk you through the steps for removing th Phoca Gallery Plugin is a Joomla! Plugin to show categories or images of Phoca Gallery in an article content Phoca Gallery Button Plugin is a Joomla! plugin which enables a Phoca Gallery button in editor. With help of this button you can easily add Phoca Gallery Plugin code to your articles Phoca Documentation is a Joomla! 1.5, 2.5, 3.x Component which displays Joomla's articles, categories (and sections) as a documentation site, e.g. as User Manual, User guide, etc

Responsive Photo Gallery for Joomla 2.5 & 3.x. Create stunning eye catching photo galleries in a simple and easy 'responsive' way. Responsive Photo Gallery will self adjust to whatever browser or screen size your viewing from. When viewing from a smartphone or a touch pad, you'll love it's finger swipe navigation ability on both the carousel. Light Gallery provides a simplest way for you to create responsive galleries in your website. It can generate a gallery from your folder. Therefore, you don't have headache problem to insert the pictures one by one. Light Photo Gallery also allows you to create gallery by using pictures or images from other website. Light Gallery enables all features of light box. All your photos in Light. Phoca Download is a Joomla! component. It displays sections, categories and files which can be downloaded from the site. Downloaded files are listed in Statistics View (administration) Our today's range of Joomla photo gallery extensions is sure to give you slick new simple ways to display your photo album or personal portfolio and additionally you'll have flexibility in setting up your Joomla photo gallery to be able to change it the way you like. That will help to reduce the amount of space wasted on the web page and highlight your most prominent works. So if you would. How To Create Galleries and Upload Pictures to Phoca Gallery - A Photo Gallery for Joomla - Duration: 14:42. Basic Joomla Tutorials 13,429 view

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How can I control the image size (not the thumbnail) of the phoca gallery , currently it opens very small at the center of page as It should be opened in full mode covering all of the opened window. Thanks! Top. H13 Joomla! Ace Posts: 1524 Joined: Sun Dec 10, 2006 6:39 pm Location: Czech Republic. Re: image size at Phoca gallery. Post by H13 » Mon Jun 14, 2010 9:00 pm Hi, which size you mean. Has anyone figured out how to remove the Powered by Phoca Gallery wording using version 3.2.1? I have read other posts but they all say that there should be a directory where a certain file exists...but there is no such Category directory in this version of phoca gallery...can anyone please help? thanks... Top. bewebdev Joomla! Ace Posts: 1017 Joined: Tue Apr 17, 2012 11:28 am Location. To create photo gallery you can manually embed images on the page, load from the database table, or store all image files in a directory and read with PHP to generate photo gallery. In this tutorial, I am reading the stored image files from the directory using readdir() method in PHP and display on the screen I'm using Phoca Gallery for Joomla 2.5 and for every image in gallery I have different page with meta tags. But for that images I only have titles. And I want to make description for those images th Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. Learn more Joomla+Phoca Gallery+Site goes down when I enable thumbnail creatio

Ver. 4.6.0: 22 Feb 2016: New Video and Foto Skin lightGallery; Now CSS and JS are in the media folder for Google bot happiness; Skin Nano Black List params fixed; New params for skin jGallery to fix the long description text; Data format fixed for the list; Ozio Gallery Full Screen templare are now compatible with all the skins; Skin Nano info box windows fixed in Chrome; Minor fixes Das Phoca Gallery Plugin ermöglicht das Einfügen von Bildern aus der Phoca Gallery in einen Beitrag. Aber nicht nur Bilder sondern auch eine Übersicht der in der Galerie angelegten Kategorien kann wahlweise mit oder ohne Vorschaubild hinzugefügt werden. Veröffentlicht: 01 Feb 2012 Dateigröße: 16.89 Kb Downloads: 24725. Phoca Gallery Slideshow Plugin J1.5. Beschreibung: Mit Hilfe dieses. Now you may permit to your clients to search of images in our joomla gallery. You may set from which Gallery do search, search only in title or description. Images Ordering . Now you may ordering images in joomla gallery with help Drag & Drop, By Title, By uploaded date, By file name. FancyBox 3. FancyBox 3 is a jQuery lightbox script for elegant displaying images, videos and other content. It.


  1. I have used FTP to move images from my computer to /images/phocagallery/ in the joomla folder. This is how a user can add selected images to the gallery
  2. Phoca Gallery is widely used by SiteGround customers. It allows different methods of displaying image details such as modal boxes, standard javascript popup and more. Different methods of upload both frontend and backend are also available such as FTP, Java Upload, Flash Upload, file manager in Joomla, etc. It automatically creates thumbnails, allows geo-tagging and opening of youtube videos.
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